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:synopsis: Specialized :class:`ptp.libptp.parser.AbstractParser` classes for the tool OWASP-CM-008.

.. moduleauthor:: Tao Sauvage


from ptp.libptp.constants import UNKNOWN
from ptp.libptp.parser import LineParser
from import SIGNATURES

[docs]class OWASPCM008Parser(LineParser): """OWASPCM008 specialized parser.""" __tool__ = 'owasp-cm-008'
[docs] @classmethod def is_mine(cls, pathname, filename='*', light=True, first=False): """Check if it can handle the report file. :param str pathname: Path to the report directory. :param str filename: Regex matching the report file. :param bool light: `True` to only parse the ranking of the findings from the report. :param bool first: Only process first file (``True``) or each file that matched (``False``). :raises IOError: when the report file cannot be found. :raises OSError: when the report file cannot be found. :return: `True` if it supports the report, `False` otherwise. :rtype: :class:`bool` """ stream = cls.handle_file(pathname, filename, first=first) if stream and stream[0].startswith('HTTP'): # FIXME: Weak check here... return True return False
[docs] def parse_metadata(self): """Parse the metadata of the report. :return: The metadata of the report. :rtype: dict """ self.metadata = {'date': line.lstrip('Date: ') for line in if line.startswith('Date')} return self.metadata
[docs] def parse_report(self): """Parser the results of OWASP-CM-008 results. :return: List of dicts where each one represents a discovery. :rtype: :class:`list` """ allowed_methods = [ line.lstrip('Allow: ').split(', ') for line in if line.startswith('Allow')] if not allowed_methods: return [] self.vulns = [ {'ranking': SIGNATURES.get(method, UNKNOWN)} for methods in allowed_methods for method in methods] return self.vulns